Grouping vaults by owner, to strengthen redundancy?

I sometimes browse this forum on iPad and for those who haven’t tried, it’s a nightmare to open another tab, search for stuff and paste the link over. If you try you’ll see how replying to a post with 2-3 links can easily take 15 minutes.

Well, think about it this way: you could read the entire forum and you’d find the post. Of course that’s a bit crazy and no one wants to spend that time, so some search 5 minutes, others 30, and yet others (or these same guys, if they don’t find answers) just create a new post.
No one has to reply to any post here, but in absence of other info the value of knowing that something was discussed is that if you spent 5 minutes searching now you can - if you don’t want to wait for more useful replies - give it another try and find that content.

Here’s two topics related to recognizing (existing) chunks on the network:
The first is
The second is below and it was created by you. You asked almost the same question yesterday and before (and that time @dirvine answered it).

  1. Yesterday (scroll above or Grouping vaults by owner, to strengthen redundancy? - #6 by polpolrene)
  2. Back in August: What about nodes sniffing data? - #3 by dirvine