Governance - open collectives

This seems like an interesting way of breaking out of the governance straight-jackets imposed on people who want to organise in a decentralised way. Or rather making it easy to comply so that small decentralised groups don’t get discouraged by the administrative hurdles imposed on them by regulations.

This looks like a way for SAFE Network open source groups to collaborate in suffrage peirce for example, but really there’s no limit. Thoughts?

Open Collectives: how to form cooperative groups with a few clicks, simplify admin, accounts, etc headaches, share learnings

Here’s the Open Collectives website, I see its used by and other open source projects, and for meetups organisation (@whiteoutmashups):


this opencollectives concept needs crytpo market access to really scale, and is a great fit for safe Network and datachains and Safecoin in the medium term (when it is ready), for now though they might want to consider being linked to one or more multi-crypto exchange hubs which will make it easy to convert fiat to crypto and contribute the collective of their choice…

Opencollectives is a noble cause, the implementation of which, for sure, needs to evolve into something like the above before they get the type traction they are looking for from the crypto community.