FYI: SSL is enabled

You can use The reason that I’m not forcing SSL for everyone is that there is some bug (or configuration issue) when logging in using Google/Facebook etc - it sort of works but after redirecting back to the site the window doesn’t close. Just reload the page and you’ll see that you’re logged in.

As soon as I get that to work I’ll turn on SSL by default.


Great job @David! Thanks a million! Hope you get it fixed soon.

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Thanks @David. I appreciate all your work to make this forum so useful. And I really really like Discourse now I’m working out how to use it. Great job :smile:


The site is now forcing SSL and all the login options should work. Let me know if you have any problems!

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thanks, I couldn’t sign in before as not receiving confirmation emails for some reason and google/facebook didn’t work, but now does. cheers

The SSL certificate of was about to expire in a few days. I took care of getting a new one from StartSSL and now @DHSupport just told me that they have successfully enabled the new certificate!

You can verify this for yourself by looking at the SSL Report on SSL Labs :smile:

There’s also the site:

Looks like it doesn’t have an SSL certificate and it’s the first result on google for MaidSafe.

that’s the company’s website.

I didn’t know about the lack of SSL. @frabrunelle?

There is an issue on GitHub about the lack of SSL on

I suggested that they should use GitLab, which has support for SSL.

They are using GitLab now, but haven’t enabled SSL yet.

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