Fleming Testnet v6 Release - *OFFLINE*

Aha, i see. Transfer is hitting an (only one…?)elder out of order and stalling things. I guess this is more likely as we do more transfers for larger files (and its one transfer per chunk atm).

I was looking at this a couple weeks ago, before we had some other fixes in. Hadnt seen it since, so didn’t get it in amongst the other work. But i have some code to update the elders in a branch, so will get that in next week. and then we need to resend the original and we should be good (hopefully).

atm, client is still rather dumb. w/r/t Cmd failures. We’ll get there though!

thanks @Vort ! @JBildstein (same issue both).

Also worth noting jsut how much of the logs (and so elder work) is writing our transfer history. I imagine this slows down nodes a fair bit (a good whack of the memory issue came down to serialisation). We should be able to relatively easily avoid this I think.

Good thing here is that this is client side issues, not really node stuff just node