Fleming Testnet v3 Release - * NOW OFFLINE - v4 RELEASED*

I am still not able to get it. Weird. UBUNTU 18.04.4. LTS

safe cat safe://hygoygyenxp3e516x1uktohmzxd3w8ubcnr9rhcd97xrjfsf4pztn5gbynw > pullopollo
Error: NetDataError: Failed to GET Public Blob: SelfEncryption(Storage)

Some context:

  1. I am putting it again at the same time. But I was not able to get this file even before.
  2. I have another cat process running in another terminal

Question: are the cat processes in my system activity monitor these cat’s of Safe? There is two of them running now.

Now I have to go. I’ll be back after a couple of hours.

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