First of many community visits and cannot come quick enough

Nice write up Ben and Chris. Wish we had more time to spend but as you know its manic for us right now.

As they say here, you know where the door is now so don’t be strangers :slight_smile: Its a very welcome and apt message, the community needs now to congregate around this and it seems to be doing just that. We will put a huge effort into pods balanced with the work we badly need to do. I will be back on code by Monday I think :slight_smile: Oh I keep saying that. Thanks again Ben, great company and considerable talent for this community, superb.


I think it is great that MaidSafe are hosting folk like this and enjoyed @benjaminbollen’s article very much. I’d love to hear more too, and hope others will make their way to Troon in due course.


It was great to meet the team in the flesh, and to enjoy the opportunity of extended technical discussions about MaidSafe, among other things.

I’m sure our stay will prove profitable for the project and the extended community in the near future. Ben and I started SafePod 0x0, and will make good use of the insights we garnered while in Troon. Stay tuned!