Farming @ 1.0 or 0.5 or what have you

I know that right now one cannot farm and I think that is a good thing. I’ve seen a number of articles about farming safecoin, but they have focused on things like

  • Raid 1, 0, or 5?
  • SCSI?
  • Energy cost

I would like to know about bandwidth, and I have a really simple question:

Would Maidsafe incentivize me to have a 1gbps internet connection vs a 10mbps connection? How?

Thank you, kind responders.

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I’ll see your question and raise you another would maidsafe put people who on lower internet connections at an economic disadvantage, i.e. less able to farm than their high speed counterparts?

  1. RAID0 is unprotected. You lose a disk you lose data and get penalized
    RAID1 - lots of overhead. RAID5 - may be good.

  2. SCSI - irrelevant

  3. Energy - if other factors are the same, of course you want to use less

  4. Internet connection - obviously the faster the better, but cost is different in different areas and rewards/prices/demand is not known so it’s hard to tell at this moment.

So the return on delivering data will be localized based on demand. I suppose that also means that there will be times when it will be very profitable to have a connection that is low-ping to nearly anywhere… That is… well, I don’t have adjectives and such for it and I’m quite the descriptive fellow usually. Maidsafe keeps exceeding my (already high) expectations.

Please let maidsafe live up to it’s potential.

On a more serious note, have you folks considered the effect thsi could have on the peering situation globally?