FarmBot - Automated precision farming machine on SAFEnetwork?

Rory Aronson talks about an innovative idea that can change the entire farming industry.

He is a mechanical engineer and social entrepreneur working to help solve big social and environmental challenges. Currently he is focused on FarmBot, humanity’s open-source automated precision farming machine, and OpenFarm, a free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge.


What does this have to do with SAFE Network?

An automated farm? Is it community owned?

@chrisfostertv Respectfully, I’m interested in understanding what an automated precision farming machine on the SAFE Network can do.

If you don’t want to discuss what the potential of this idea is then that is fine. I’ll move on. If you do want to discuss it then can you at least tell me if there is a functioning prototype? Why are you convinced this will work in practice?

Don’t blame me for being skeptical of automated precision farming. If it can work that will be awesome but not enough information was presented.

It’s all there L, I’m merely acting as a match maker…identifying projects that might be a good fit and reaching out to the developers…alerting them to the possibilities of the SAFEnetwork.

If you want to be sceptical of any of the projects I introduce here, please go to the developers forums concerned as I don’t have the answers.

It’s purely about groundswell for the SAFE network from my perspective.




@chrisfostertv it would be helpful to say more than just posting a link, video etc, though that is what some people tend to do.

Its just not as helpful to either post stuff without having looked into it, or do the research and not share what you found and how/why you think it is relevant.

I’m glad you’re willing to share your identity. While I respect everyone’s right to remain anonymous, I think it is both courageous and helpful when people are willing to step forward as individuals.

All the best :slight_smile:


A little context and help connecting the dots for my less than adequate brain would be nice. I too appreciate your posts and do my best to find how they might fit, but fear I’m not always able :wink:

Keep it up though. I’m enjoying them none-the-less.

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I definitely see the connection between this and the SAFE network. But I also agree it maybe should have been made clearer.

It definitely seems like a project that could see massive success with safecoin crowdfunding once the SAFE network goes live.

And Mr. Rory should definitely be invited to join this forum and to prepare something to put online once it is running.

This is definitely taking MaidSafe’s themes of decentralization and applying them to an extremely important need for us all: food.

I definitely see the connection here :slight_smile:

And this is an incredibly important possibility,

Because once people can do their own housing (no mortgage) and grow their own food (maybe automated, through this?) then…

WE WON’T HAVE TO WORK FOR STUPID @$$ EMPLOYERS / BUSINESSES THAT PAY US TO WASTE OUR LIVES AND DESTROY OUR ENVIRONMENT (just to make ends meet, since we’ll be able to make it ourselves:)

And I personally CAN’T WAIT for that day of eternal freedom and sustainability to come :smiley: