FairCoop..FairCoin .. a path to global post-capitalism?

This is a fasincating read - about bank robbing activist Enric Duran and his tree of post-capitalist projects, CIC in Spain and now Fair-whatever globally. One to watch and maybe reach out to, for the post-capitalists amongst us :slight_smile:


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Apparently affiliates of the Cooperative can choose to basically live in either:

Town A: “Lung Ta”,

“A farming commune with tepees and yurts and stone circles and horses, where residents organize themselves into “families” according to their alignments with respect to Mayan astrology.”


Town B: “Calafou”

“A “postcapitalist eco-industrial colony” in the ruins of a century-old factory town, which Duran and a few others purchased after he found it for sale on the internet.”

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Here’s a really interesting bit…yoo hoo… :smiley:

" While the idea for Bitcoin is to consign transactions entirely to software, bypassing the perceived risk of trusting central authorities and flawed human beings, ecos depend on a community of people who trust one another fully. Anybody with one of the more than 2,200 accounts can log in to the web interface of the Community Exchange System, see everyone else’s balances, and transfer ecos from one account to another. The measure of wealth, too, is upside down. It’s not frowned upon to have a low balance or to be a bit in debt; the trouble is when someone’s balance ventures too far from zero in either direction and stays there. Because interest is nonexistent, having lots of ecos sitting around won’t do any good. Creditworthiness in the system comes not from accumulating but from use and achieving a balance of contribution and consumption."


These people sound like my crowd!


As long as it is voluntary it’s OK by me. :smile:


Mine too. Its luv, luv, luv.


“50,000,000 Premined Coins distributed through the airdrop on March 6th and 8th, 2014” – http://fair-coin.org/

How is that fair? Who exactly could take advantage of this “airdrop” in practice?

Another post-capitalism idea is the Zeitgeist movement which is trying to do away with currencies altogether. The problem with the Zeitgeist movement is that they want people to share products. And build what seems to be horrible centralized cities and systems.

What the Zeitgeist movement is correct about however is that automation will be able to replace most if not all jobs. But there is no need for the horrible communist sharing idea or for centralized planning. Technology will remove the need for both mandatory sharing and currencies.

Of course for many years to come money will still be needed, and even in the future money will probably still play a role, but not as means of survival.

I thought I was reading fiction at first. The currency of CIC (pronounced seek) is on a transparent community ledger, social pressures reinforce a fair distribution of the communal currency… fascinating. It seems like this idea could only work in a communal situation. Without the intimacy of a tight community the pressure to be fair dissipates. I loved this article, thank you for passing it along. I hope Duran realizes his dream.

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Just reading through this, I wonder if this is a mistake; ‘since he lost 80 Bitcoins—around $20,000—to a hack of the Bitstamp exchange in January.’

All users were made whole after this, maybe it was a personal hack. Would be kind of hard

I believe originally Duran had nothing to do with Fair coin; these were already fully distributed and had gone through all the pump and dump processes leading to it being almost worthless. It was at this point that Duran recognised an opportunity to use the Faircoin to his own ends - he proceeded to start buying them up.

Here is the actual Mission Statement of the Zeitgeist movement.

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Uber is going driverless, seems a bit like the communal driverless model. I see the point of refinement at work. Who would want to swap their private bathroom for the one at wallmart or for one in a barracks.

One of the trickiest thing to solve in the near future is loss of jobs to automation. Driverless cars are just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe a basic income could solve that. People with low-income jobs would still want to keep their jobs because they can keep both their ordinary salary plus the basic income. And people with high-income jobs will want to keep their jobs too because the basic income will only contribute a small part of their total income. And people without jobs will be able to live decently on the basic income alone, especially as information technology is improving price/performance exponentially, and even physical products will start to become information technology. So for example an unemployment rate of 70% can easily be managed with a basic income.


@Anders And that exact argument has been being made for 45 years. I think initially behind the scenes it was a logical atom bomb. We need people to listen to it. At some point the need is so obvious that denial can’t be sustained.

BTW folks, I’ve been in touch with Enric and he’s interested in finding Synergies between Faircoop and SAFE Network. If anyone wants to gen up on Faircoop and contribute to this let me know. How about it @Al_kafir?

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Total nonsense… Those people have no clue what they’re doing.

They live and “work” like hunters and gatherers used to do 25000 years ago.
There’s not a single dime of surplus they produce - of course there’s no accumulatation of nothing, let alone honest money and savings.

Yes,I’ve been looking into all the ideas and concepts - really interesting and it could all be done on Safe Network too. I’d be interested in how this could work within the Safe environment but prefer Safecoin to Faircoin.
I would be interested in the general idea of working for a Coop, but I’m not really a “joiner of things” generally - I’d be OK doing my part in any kind of Cooperative Community project, but would need my own cave.to retire to at night…and if any other hunter gatherers tried to share my space…I’d get all Neanderthal. :smiley:
Faircoop definitely provides an interesting socio-economic model and lots of useful ideas for small collaborative communities.
As I said I’d be interested in how this could be adapted as a model of a Collaborative Cooperative economy on Safe. I’m thinking some kind of ethical Cooperative business, transcending borders, sourcing materials to manufactured goods with the business owned by the various workers type of thing - rather than an actual group physically doing everything in one locality - specialised tasks so to speak as in the old Ant Colony model.
Anyway, I came across this article too which has some relevant bones to be picked out of and a few things to be wary of:

This Cooperative Corporation model (from article)looked interesting:

“Mondragon, an often cited example, is a corporation and Federation of Worker Cooperatives that was founded in 1956 in the Basque region in Spain. Mondragon is worker-owned, not worker-managed; it is part of the larger competitive market.[10] At the end of 2013, it employed 74,061 people in the areas of finance, retail, and education. Mondragon cooperatives are united by a humanist (…ahem :smiley: ) concept of business.
The general manager in an average Mondragon cooperative makes no more than five times more than the minimum wage paid in his or her cooperative.”

I think this is a very relevant problem to recognise we have to overcome:

“The inability to imagine a different life is capital’s ultimate triumph. Teachout recently proposed that one of the pathologies of the current system is that it trains people to be followers. I might add that it trains people to think of themselves as workers instead of collective owners.”

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That’s called efficiency. Especially profit efficiency. There is no fat in the model to support parasites who think their role to add coercion to the world by telling other people what to do and forcing them to do it through sponsored laws, bribery and corruption.

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