Fact-checking the Tor Project's government ties

The documents showed Tor employees taking orders from their handlers in the federal government, including plans to deploy their anonymity tool in countries that the U.S. was working to destabilize: China, Iran, Vietnam, Russia. They showed strategy sessions, discussions about the need to influence news coverage, and control bad press. They featured monthly updates that described meetings and trainings with the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ and State Department. They revealed plans to funnel government funding to run Tor “independent” nodes.

Nice try, Vladimir Vladimirovich!) :smile:

I thought that was common knowledge to those that know of Tor. You will find this fact referenced in many news stories on major services going back years.

What is more unnerving is that a short time ago, some of the old guard were forced out or resigned for vague reasons. Many believe that Tor has been thoroughly comprimised.

I was aware it was created by US Gov. I was not aware that they were still involved and very active in it’s day to day development and operation.