Experience with Robolinux, anyone?

I have an old piece of equipment which needs XP to run. Rather than using a dedicated machine, I’m looking at alternates.

Does anyone have experience with Robolinux?

It looks like the new version, especially, could run pretty fast for general use and should be good at running VMs, including windows versions, which it was designed to accommodate. Might be a great tool for setting up multiple SAFE Vaults on the same machine, as well.

Hoping for some reliable feedback before I pursue it.

How does that compare with Xen Xen Project Software Overview - Xen

Don’t know. Hadn’t seen this till you linked.

Robolinux has a very packaged interface with lots of edges sanded off. The Xen project looks a bit steeper than I’m ready to dig into. Now that I’m aware I’ll give it attention but looking for an “easy” solution.

Hope someone here has experience with Robolinux.