Exact relation between Sprint3 and Dev Bundle 2

This is the new roadmap:

Can somebody explain the exact relation between the actual Sprint3 and Dev Bundle 2?

With the Sprint3 finish all the task of Dev Bundle 2 or will need another Sprint?

I’m also not too sure but on JIRA I read that everything for Dev Bundle 1 was done except for the installers (on which they’re working on right now). This current sprint was focussed on implementing multiple RFCs but not sure how much of dev bundle 2 they’re completing next to those RFCs or maybe that they’re not working on that all in this sprint :blush:

I guess @nicklambert can give us the right answer :wink:

How dare you ask me for right answers @Melvin :smile:

Yeah no worries, happy to explain. We decided to implement the RFCs in the run up to Rust-3. The reason for doing this is it would give us more functionality, laying lots of ground work for future sprints while also giving us a less complex code base. So, the intention is that the next sprint (Rust -4) will deliver Dev Bundle 2. I hope this makes sense.