End user has total control over end user interface

Without the end user having complete default control over the end user interface in amanner that isnt likely to be opted away- a substantial portion of the promise of MaidSafe may never deliver. Its power will be coopted or sponsored away. I think that holds in the longer term even with all that MaidSafe brings.

There will be attempts to say its a browser issue and we cant stop the from using other browsers so what is the point. Or it’s not possible or practicle. Or its not even desireable. Or its app developer perogative, dont like their ways then dont use their stuff.

None of that holds water.

No modal anything
No navigation or scroll manipulation
No volume manipulation.
No self starting video.

These things disempower the user, debase the platform, ruin trust and confidence and worst of all enable sponsorship and the ad commons model that pisses away our rights and quality of life with re-enclosure. Losing control of the interface or allowing it to be bargained away guarantees a captive experience where content is reduced to infomercial and antisocial pandering.

Video embedded ads can be defeated too and must be even if by quick advance and search delisting.


I completely agree. The primary objective for app developers should be to empower the user.


Agreed and importantly the devs now should not have to reply on massive funding to achieve this. I really hope they can use the infrastructure to create amazing things to outperform many companies who may act in a privacy leak.

If we can show the infrastructure costs are gone, there is a revenue stream available without snooping etc. and support those who work towards this then it will be great. There will be others though and that is life. At least it should be easy to jump ship. I hope the simple dropbox app we put out for instance will at least secure and make private your private data.

If folk though willingly give up their privacy via other apps then there is nothing we can do. I will stick with secure private apps though.


“it should be easy to jump ship” With the forking this is one of the things I really appreciate about MaidSafe, nothing should be exclusive.


Actually, jumping ship should be just as easy as opening a different account that you stop doing silly compromises with.

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@fergish As in not having full end user control over the end user interface?

Perhaps I don’t understand what you’re concern is, but I’m assuming you mean that choices made by builders and users can degrade even the SAFE network to a situation where the end user’s data/control/participation is compromised by those choices.

The problem currently is that the overall web architecture doesn’t really allow privacy of data, identity, etc., especially not without extreme measures.

All I’m saying is that the SAFE network will allow these tools to be easily made available and used, if one chooses. If one has gone down the line of sacrificing ones privacy and identity by using browsers and other apps that compromise those aspects, it will at least be a rather easy step to reform one’s ways by establishing a new account and using it more wisely, in control of one’s data.

That’s very difficult if not impossible to do in the current structure because it is inherently antithetical to real security.

Edit for grammar.

That make sense. Its not a one shot deal. Safe may not be directly connected across the globe at deployment so the possibility of less than uniform quality on the approach to Safe may be there at the start. The core technology will be uniform but people in different regions may choose to approach it in different ways. It may not be highest common denominator from the start. But as it seems you are suggesting the core technology means people have the option to come around where they don’t know.

Sorry Warren, but grammar is a part of the communication value of the language, so I’m really not clear on what you said above.

Hopefully that’s clearer. Also, it seems that David Irvine clarified above that these types of end user empowerment goals will be helped by MaidSafe.

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