Does it cost SAFEcoins to surf SAFEnet?

There will likely be lots of apps that allow free XXX as we progress. Also pay the producer, if it happens will allow you to upload some data and get rewards. Think not safecoin == money, but fair value exchange. There may be many many ways it gets distributed etc.


Sorry to hear that Halvor. Whatever anyone’s personal beliefs I think you have to respect the motive, bravery and commitment to such a tough challenge. If you’ve managed to go 15 years without money then I certainly tip my hat to you! That’s really impressive and interesting. If you were to write some articles I would probably pay a few safecoins to read them. :grin:

Finding the best kept and most important secret on the bleeding edge of decentralised tech with only library computers to toy around with is also pretty impressive imo. Especially when you consider how many people who’re immersed in crypto still haven’t bothered to look closely enough to see just how exciting, incredible and important this project really is.