Devs tool (Algorithmia)

Hi there again I read this nice article about a dev tool that could help Maidsafe Devs in the future, so I thought I share. Maybe it could help you girls&guys optimize your algo’s

The original article is from Gizmodo

Just like humans, algorithms vary in popularity: some get all the attention,
while others languish unnoticed, even if they’re actually quite
special. Which is why there’s now a dating site for them.

Wait, what? No, it’s true, honest. A startup called Algorithmia
is set up especially to match up researchers and data analysts with the
perfect way to probe their data (snigger). This is, effectively,
matchmaking for algorithms. You see, many of the algorithms
written in academia are used for their original analysis and then, even
if they’re wonderful, simply sit in the journal or on web server to
which they were published. Essentially, all the hard work put in by
researchers sits unused for anything but its original purpose.

While many of the algorithms are highly specific, tuned for the research they
were originally written for, many can offer new insights for others,
too—without the need for all the man hours required to develop new
software. This is where Algorithmia steps in, reports Technology Review.

The model is simple. Researchers can list their algorithms on the site
with an explanation of what they can do (no jokes about vital
statistics, please). Then, when someone searches for software to fulfil a
certain task, appropriate algorithms are offered up. If someone chooses
to use one, they pay a small fee to the original developer and Algorithmia takes a small cut. (The economics are subtly different to a dating site, yes. Or at least most dating sites.)

It’s a neat idea, and one that should lead to better code, too. Putting this
kind of thing out in the open means people hold themselves to higher
standards, and even then, other users will be able to bug-check too. The site is currently in private beta testing, but it looks set to go public soon. [Algorithmia via Technology Review]


Thanks a lot for sharing this, I’ve requested access to the beta.

Thank your for registering for Algorithmia’s private beta. You have been added to the queue and should hear from us soon.

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I hope it helps

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Algorithmia is out of private beta.

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