Developing on the safe network with a GB limited internet connection

I move a lot, so I have a wireless 3g connection with bandwidth limitation. Is it possible to develop apps for the safe network without using up all my bandwidth and how?

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Welcome to the forum! For smartphones etc. a light client will be made. These are clients that don’t need to “Farm” on the network, that means you don’t need to share like 1GB of space with the network to provide Chunks etc. When you browse the network, all Apps from the network and all the data you watch/download will come out of the network, so that’s the only download there for you. You probably do need some Safecoin to run these light-clients, but that would be the solution in your case.

GETting content is free right, so why would SafeCoin be required?

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I have to clarify that I use a notebook with 36 Connection

I agree, but I’ve heard it was needed for the light-clients. Don’t know if that’s still the case. But I’m not gonna ask the Devs now, will clear itself in the future.

The Client will also be able to PUT, message, etc. , regardless of whether you are running a Vault also. Those are Client functions. So you will definitely want some safecoin, however acquired, if you want full function Client experience.

But if you are running a Vault at a home base it can supply the safecoin you need, whatever device you log in on and use while mobile.

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