Decentralized financial cooperatives

Hi all, just tooting my own horn here, so … yeah …

This is my new project –

The first stage is to develop software that allows virtual asset cooperatives on the NXT blockchain. This will effectively allow people to fully control and manage an asset via voting. It verifiably removes central control of the NXT account.


This will make it impossible for government confiscation of funds held cooperatively for any purpose.

The second stage (post software dev.) is to create a virtual cooperative that facilitates start-ups in building virtual cooperatives! and by giving them finance and other support.

If you think this is a cool project, I’d appreciate any help spreading the word. We need to raise a small amount of capital for development of the NXT-plugin to make it all possible.


Tyler Jordan


Removing the fact that this is pure spam. Nxt is a currency with a terrible distribution where the 0.13% own 75% of all wealth and that any decent person should flee.

When the SAFEnetwork or Ethereum are launched the only fate of NXT is to disappear.


it’s not spam. if I’d posted it under the wrong topic, then perhaps that might be a consideration. but it’s quite relevant to the topic of alternative tech and to this forum which is about decnetralization.

You concerns about NXT are a non-sequitur. It’s distribution isn’t relevant to anything.


Its a distributed credit union