Daemo - a crowdsource platform / marketplace

This looks interesting and another possible application for SAFE network. It’s an open source research project designed to improve on things like Amazon Mechanical Turk (linked below).

It’s a Stanford University research project. Here’s the Wiki (but there is a github repo too):

About Daemo - a self-governed crowdsourcing marketplace
Whether you need help gathering data, labeling machine learning
training examples, running experiments, or transcribing audio, today we
use crowdsourcing platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk.
However, these platforms are notoriously bad at ensuring high quality
results, producing respect and fair wages for workers, and making it
easy to author effective tasks. It’s not hard to imagine that we could
do better.
This research will be a complete design, implementation, launch,
and evaluation of a new crowdsourcing platform. What would it take to
create an effective marketplace? One where workers have more power in
the employment relationship, or could take additional responsibility for
the result quality? How might we design such a market? Could we launch
it and become the new standard? This research in human-computer
interaction will involve a combination of design thinking, web
development, and experimental design. This is far more ambitious than
your typical project. It’s an entire marketplace design question. Thus,
we’re banding together to solve it. http://crowdresearch.stanford.edu/w/


Now this is a new project worthy of SAFE.
Let’s get 'errr working.