Curiosumé - an analog to digital converter for knowledge assets


There is obviously an accounting system for tangible assets, but there is none for intangible assets such as social, creative, and intellectual value that communities embody. This is a stunning omission. I suspect it is intentioned.

I would like to politely ask the reader to spend 16 minutes watching this video - I know that this is a great deal to ask from people who don’t know us. It describes such an accounting system.

The actual storage, visibility, and exchange of Personas among the network needs to be secured in order for Curiosumé to work. Part of that security requires the ability to anonymize, allocate, combine, and retract personas to and from independent optimization engines. Block chain may not work well here and we are looking toward Maidsafe.

We are writing the new white paper for Curiosumé as a Maidsafe DApp. We need some help in specifying this functionality a little bit better.

Again, I understand that 16 minutes is a lot to ask of folks. We have gotten a great response so far and I would deeply appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you very much


Will check this out when I get the chance after class.

Hi Tip

I just watched the Curiosumé presentation and I like. What I don’t like: “What we want to do is: Build a cryptographic coin that engineer trade among themselves”. Don’t create another coin. People can pay people with an Curiosumé with other cryptocurrencies (this way you let your Curiosumérs free to choose how they get paid).

What would be fun is that you can send a company your Curiosumé and that it would be legally backed. So if you decide to callback your Curiosumé and the company copies your detail, and sell it to another company, then you can take them to court. So it would be nice if each company you send a Curiosumé would get their individual signature. It would nice if you leave a company that you can take your Curiosumé with you our leave out certain details at an old employer. Would also be nice if friends/employers/colleagues could add info in your Curiosumé, with your permission of course.

People can say all that they want, but when it comes to skill set, things might look different. So i would be advisable that employer could also see courses that people took. So for instance if I did an ICT course, this would be sign by the company providing the course.

Because the resumé must die. sounds violent or that’s something an undertaker would write in his resumé, because he can’t write a resumé. I’m out of ammo… my feedback might be bad, because i’m not really thinking about things like a resumé…


Thanks for watching the video and for your thoughtful comments. I agree that the last thing we all need is another crypto-coin. On the other hand, if there were to be any crypto-coins, the preferred type would have some intrinsic value. This is true with Safecoin to the degree that it represents proof of a useful resource from which useful outcomes are derived. Likewise, a coin (GEN) that represents engineering would be pegged to tangible asset depreciation where depreciation is the schedule for maintenance, renovation, or replacement of all tangible property or machinery. That number is currently between 50-80 Trillion dollars every 20 years in the US alone. Since another 150 Trillion dollars are represented in financial products that capitalize the depreciable assets, they would become a derivative of GEN, in effect, the mother of all hedge funds. In essence GEN would represent value stored in social infrastructure.

Your other ideas are completely brilliant - I hadn’t even considered many of your points. I am always amazed at how every entrepreneur sees something different in the intangible economy as everyone else. This gives me great confidence because that is exactly what is supposed to happen. We should be able to kick out 10,000 start-ups per day on Maidsafe.

Yeah, I know, the resumé must die is a little hokey - I was getting a lot of laughs in prior presentations so I kept it in the schtick…it’s hard to get laughs in this game. Anyway, I’ll probably leave it out for the next run. The undertaker comment is hilarious though, so true.

Great comments!!! - I deeply appreciate your time and thoughts.


Interesting concept, a résumé is indeed a very narrow window into who you are and its form hasn’t been updated to the modern world, there’s indeed a lot of room for improvement. I’m curious to read that white paper.

That said, a résumé is really just that, a summary of who you are, there’s really nothing else to it, there’s no need to antagonize the poor thing.

Thanks David, while I chose not to extrapolate, the modern resumé also includes online profiles, linkedin, comments, tweets, as well as not so voluntary objects assigned to your person by Facebook, Google, big data scrapers; med records, proxy credit scores, zillow, DMV, etc. People have no idea what is really “on” their resumé nor what purpose it serves and to whom. Yet collectively we don’t know what we know and individually, we don’t know what each other knows. This is what keeps us poor, weak, and disorganized. So there really is a lot more to it.

Thanks again, we do need to keep some de explanation out of public messages because there is a certain type of person who tends to have a deep visceral reaction to some of what we say. We call these people “antigens” and they really are dangerous. I’ll elaborate some time.

Thanks again

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You have a unusual definition of the word “résumé”.

Correct me if I’m wrong but in your view, a résumé is the product of all your online interactions plus all your knowledge and basically everything related to you that is intangible, this comment for example would be part of mine?

I think I would just call this a profile or a portrait. For me, and I think for most people (Wikipédia confirms), a résumé is really just the piece of paper you bring with you to get a job. Yes, employer might go look into Facebook, LinkedIn and Google to get a better idea of who you are but you could hardly call these part of your résumé. And I think that’s what most people will have in mind when you talk about résumé, hence the laughs when you say it controls you and is the root of all evil.

You say “Yet collectively we don’t know what we know and individually, we don’t know what each other knows. This is what keeps us poor, weak, and disorganized”. I agree we would become richer, stronger and more organized if we had a system to get a better understanding of what everyone is really capable of. But to suggest we don’t have this system in place because some entity don’t allow it is quite a stretch. Is this kind of system against the interest of some people? Maybe, but nothing stops you from creating it. If the idea is sound is will take off, just like MaidSafe.

Interesting topic and nice meeting you Tip.


We are writing the new white paper for Curiosumé as a Maidsafe DApp. We need some help in specifying this functionality a little bit better.

I am dancing in my chair! Welcome @TIP I was hoping SAFE Network was in your plans. I guess @ioptio has something to be thanked for here.

Woohoo :slight_smile:


Thanks for your confidence. The last 3 articles on the blog are components of the Whitepaper plus some earlier material. We need to figure out how to secure the packet that contains the Curiosumé persona (note this is a different use of the term “persona” than used by Maidsafe - or not, I am not sure).

While Curiosumé is the “writer” we need to build the “reader” that processes the information into actionable form. So the interface and exchange mechanism needs to serve both the reader and the writer. The interface will be dynamic and the rate at which things change at the interface will serve as a incorruptible proxy for productivity and thus a strong basis for convertible currency. GEN is just a hypothetical device - it could be something else.

We are working on several other applications based on the Curiosumé DApp. seeks to decentralize engineering and quiddity seeks to decentralize philanthropic giving. Another instance seeks to decentralize education. Curiosumé will help people form insurance pools much easier as well so we publish in that domain as well. There are some smart people working these things out.

The Maidsafe interface would be very important so that is why I am here seeking constructive advice.

Thanks again, @happybeing your enthusiasm is contagious!!

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