Crowdlets - for discussion

An idea, free for anyone to use…

This is an app that travels with you as you browse SAFE content and provides crowd sourced information that is of interest to you about the sites and what you want to know about them, ranked according to what you and others find most important.

For example, you might be interested in how easy to use a service is while searching for say a trip planning site (crowdlet tag: ease-of-use)

Or while looking at corporate sites, or shopping sites, you might want to know about their record on the environment, or whether they offshore their taxes (crowdlet tags: tax-avoidance, environmental-impact)

How it works

The app is linked to your browser session allows you to annotate pages and sites according to a number of crowd sourced categories (such as legal, environment, entertainment etc). These are created by users and served up through an autocomplete text input box.

You can tag any page with a category, and optionally add a tag with a text note (140 character?) for any tag you add.

These notes and tags are either private, only visible to you (stored in your space) or public but anonymous (stored as public content).

As you visit sites the app displays any tags and notes visible to you for that site/page.

You filter what is shown according to tags you are interested in at that time. As you read the content, you can up/down vote existing notes, and optionally use the cumulative vote scores as a further filter, or to sort what is displayed according to what others found most useful.

Spamming can be discouraged and annotation rewarded using Safecoin micropayments.

(The idea is also applicable to the old web, but would have privacy concerns, whereas on SAFE everyone’s privacy is protected through the anonymous identity.)


I would find this very useful!


Interesting addition to social networking, plus. Reminds me of some aspects of StumbleUpon, but SAFE.


How would safecoin micropayments stop spamming?

I don’t see why there couldn’t be a random webpage generator by tag function added which is essentially what stumble upon is.



How would safecoin micropayments stop spamming?

By charging for upvotes.

And, perhaps, returning those fees to the annotations getting the most votes - so long as that doesn’t just re-enable gaming.