Could blanket security be detrimental for society?

Having a network that is secure at the foundation enables the preservation of full integrity for all individuals. That is indeed a valuable and desirable property. At the same time it allows shady activities to proliferate unhindered below the radar of national and international regulatory and law enforcement scrutiny.

Do you think the pros outweigh the cons enough to justify the implementation of such network?



Yes most definitely. Also something to consider is how many “crimes” having a secure system would be made impossible. If one used safecoin, or even bitcoin, would credit card theft or fraud be possible? You can’t steal or forge what you don’t use. If you used the safe network for secure identity verification would you use insecure IDs that could be stolen or forged? If you had all your info on the safe network would your institution have yards and yards of beaurocracy and administration or would you just exchange and or grant permissions, permissions that could later be revoked, with whomever needed access to particular bits of information? If you were a victim in danger or being abused or if you were observing said victimization and could anonymously request help, be it counseling, calling for a personal champion such as a friend or family member or other member of the community, or reporting it to some authority, would that not cut down on crime and offer greater protection? Even just something as simple as the ability of people to have new creative ways to address poverty would cut down on crime. How do we define crime? Would maidsafe not make many institutions irrelivent and therefore the laws that govern them obsolete?

Just try tweeting and see what happens…

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What happens?

My computer didn’t catch on fire yet :cold_sweat:

I keep getting internal server error msg from Twitter - but Maidsafe Dot Net tweets OK.
Am I paranoid or are GCHQ et al no too happy about maidsafe?

I’ve tweeted many times no problem.

It must be me they aren’t happy about.

Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get me.

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