Coinbase listing

Hi, there is a coinbase listing form which all crypto projects can fill and hope for free listing, @nicklambert please check


Hi Team, I hope this is the right topic for this question:

Is “” an authorized exchange for MaidSafe?

Because thats where I bought my MaidSafe coin. Just wanted to know.

Thanks Team


If you ask if the coins are real, they are real. No permission from MaidSafe is required to trade on any exchange…


no comment from the mangement on this news?

Strongly doubt coinbase will list MaidSafeCoin without a working product as this is just a proxy token. Coinbase wants to list digital assets that already have a use case generally that brings something unique to the table in some way.


No time they have to prepare beta :joy:

Should they comment on every question asked in the forum?

Also a simple look at the page you linked to answered your question without need for anyone else to answer

And has it passed legal and security review? If so, apply to list your asset on Coinbase today.

Considering there is no product yet to pass a security review then NOPE an application cannot be made at this time.

Also as a side note - what do they consider to be a legal review, that seems a little vague there considering MAID doesn’t seem to come under any legal requirements like a USA based coin would.