Coding helpMe please

I’m having problems with my webpack setup, maybe somebody can help out here?

The main problem is I don’t want to write all the code in the mainContainer.html and content.js
Actually I want to use small snippets html and import them through content.js but I can get it only working for the mainContainer.html. Maybe it’s the way webpack handles things I dunno exactly.

My actually setup was to create a mainContainer.html, sidebars.html, sidebars.js, header.html, etc…eventually dropping the smaller js files and just put this code in content.js

You can see this works <<< $(“.main_container .row”).append(“Success”); >>> in my content.js to include it into the body on my mainpage but I can’t get an html file imported in place of the “Success” because it just doesn’t show up…

I’ve tried different functions like appendTo() etc but nothing works. also tried different ways of nesting but can’t get out of it how webpack handles it ?
Also tried with modules.exports and a small js to every html.

I know writing everything into mainContainer.html and content.js solves the problem but I wanted to try this way first…

Does somebody have experience with this ??

Here are the snippets to see what I’m talking about.