i saw they do an ad on youtube, this is the ad

Any blockchain based storage solution is very slow, expensive, and a waste of time compared to safe’s Network


At some point in time, Maidsafe will have to find a way of breaking the new paradigm to the man in the street using simple language and examples like this one

I’m not so sure… Bittorrent never had to, neither did Tor, nor Wikileaks, nor Bitcoin etc. Really useful or compelling things get used and word spreads organically. Centralised marketing is more important when it is to distinguish from competition doing the same thing. I don’t think that is really the case here, there are a lot of USPs to the SAFE network; we’re a long way from anyone threatening to make the SAFE model redundant imo.


It took more than 10 years after release for Bitcoin to take off organically

Oops that should be somewhere between 5 and 8. Imagine I’d say the masses still don’t know about it. Accountants I talk to are clueless and say it’s a Ponzi scheme

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Depends what you mean by “take off” I guess. I would have called 2013 the first real mainstream awakening to Bitcoin. It also didn’t take Bittorrent very long to explode, it accounted for 25% of internet traffic by Nov 2004. It still has 20 odd million users online concurrently today.

Every situation is peculiar to its own circumstances and value proposition though. I used examples to show how some things become big without needing any centralised marketing, but that doesn’t mean I think those examples represent the same kind of value proposition or situation. SAFE has far more potential for viral enthusiasm and to benefit from press coverage (when it’s live and becomes controversial/interesting) than any other example I can think of.

You might be right though, it might take longer to become really ‘mainstream’. It is very hard to say whether a recipe for viral growth will realise that potential, or when that might happen. It very much depends on the fleeting social zeitgeist and loads of unknowable factors, like a few celebrities tweeting about it, or some epic, unforeseen cyber event that sends users flooding in. Bitcoin got that viral recipe/pump from the financial crisis, wikileaks donations (when visa etc blocked them in 2013) and silk road… leading to the largely greed-fuelled explosion we have today. Just my 2 cents of course, but that’s how I see it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If the technology performs as promised the price will spike. That alone is the best form of marketing you could possibly ask for. When people also find out they can earn SafeCoin by joining the network and devoting hard disc space, the floodgates will open.


You might well be right. Early farmers will brag about their crazy windfalls and it will create interest. How sustainable that is though I’m not sure. I suspect a lot of speculation will pump the price very high, that will drastically reduce the short term expectations for new farmers. So, basically I think you’re right, but I’m not so confident of profit being a huge incentive for farmers for very long, given how over-inflated it is likely to become in the short-term. I would not be excited about mining a few cents of Eth a day at the moment either. I suspect mass-adoption will start because the new farmers want access rather than profit. As long as the UI is granny-proof I think it is utility rather than greed that will ultimately drive SAFE, unlike most cryptos. Greed is very powerful, as is laziness (farming needs to be the easiest way to get coins). I’m quite happy to be wrong on this one. I’d love the greed to push it along like we’re seeing all over the space at the moment. I can just see people losing interest in making a few cents a day with SAFEcoin at crazy ATHs and billions in speculation floating around to reduce the expected future utility value, which is what really sustains price growth.

I reckon the SAFE explosion will come when people want access to something and they can’t get it anywhere else. I’ve no idea whether that’ll be a killer App, information sources, robust security, convenience, efficiency or anything else. I have a feeling we will get our catalyst fairly quickly though. Perhaps even before the early gold-rush has died down.