Chunks on an External Hard Drive

Let’s say a farmer allocates space on his external hard drive.

1: What happens when that farmer moves that hard drive to a new computer?
2: What happens if the farmers logs in with a different account and allocates the same external hard drive to the different account?

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I think there’s no issue here because the vault is independent of the user login.

Once configured, a vault would normally start when the machine is booted, so after moving the drive, so long as the new computer starts the vault application with the appropriate configuration (i.e told where the vault data is now stored) the vault will continue working as before. So moving the drive or storage location involves installing the vault application (if not yet installed) and ensuring it knows where the vault data is.

The user doesn’t need to log in at all for the vault to operate, so that had no impact.


OK, but which user is actually reaping the benefits of farming Safecoin?

The user who benefits is the one whose wallet is specified in the vault configuration.

So it would be the last user to allocate the external hard drive to the vault?

When you configure the vault you input your wallet.

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Is it possible to split the vault between two wallets?

No but you can give some away from your wallet if you wish or have a script to do that for you at the client end.


Thank you, I appreciate all that you guys do.