Cern have developed alternative way to secure email

This could have first mover advantage in secure email over Maidsafe. I suggested in an earlier thread a collaboration with Cern and this seems like another reason:

“It is still possible to sign up for an invite to participate in the beta testing, but server capacity is limited, Yen said, due to higher than anticipated demand.”


Cool stuff. I like it, only issue is it still does not offer physical security. I mean you may not be able to read mail but you can delete it or use metadata to figure stuff out.

I agree collaboration would be amazing with CERN. The more people in the space the better for sure.

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curious where the private keys are stored though. The article doesn’t mention it, so presumably they stay on the client machine? Or maybe they used self-authentication! :slight_smile:

Protonmail is basically reinventing PGP with a nicer user experience, in a more centralised fashion. They admited as much. Nothing to see here IMO.

On the topic of secure messaging, if anyone one wants to reach me via BitMessage, my public address is: BM-2cTo6HBjeFJeYkAxNU6enB8EANqHjfGY46

It think this is forgetting that SAFE is a totally secure user-centric platform.

The only true competition for SAFE are other secure user centric platforms. Apps on SAFE don’t have to compete with their brethren on the old insecure internet, because if SAFE succeeds, they will be the preferred choice, regardless of the user base and so on of alternatice non-SAFE - unSAFE: :wink: apps.


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@ktorn yeah it seems like a hushmail competitor, nothing more. Unless I’m missing something, which I hope I am.

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Sorry chaps, I didn’t mean to say it was a similar product - only that it may affect mass adoption of Safenet. A major concern for people today is privacy, in particular email, I was suggesting that if this hits market first (probably) then those people have less reason to adopt Safenet -, as their particular concern has already been addressed in another way. Obviously Safenet has many more advantages, however if alternative solutions hit the market first, whether Safenet is better or not, a large number of people will just stick with whatever solved their particular problem.


@AlKafir no apology necessary :slight_smile: My point was just that there have been companies doing this for a while, such as hushmail, and those haven’t really caught on yet. However, they also didn’t come out of CERN and get so much buzz now which is the time to get buzz about this sort of thing. Anyway, I think people will sign up for proton mail and I think that’s great. It’s likely that those same people will then hear about SAFE and realize it’s inherently more secure and better, and switch to or start using SAFE as well.