Body cam storage - high priority uses for SAFE Network?

A buddy of mine works for a major U.S. city government in an IT position in the criminal attorney department. With the big push for body cameras on police officers recently they are now seriously calculating out the long-terms costs associated with buying body cameras for the city’s entire police force.
He says the initial costs are low for the equipment but the storage (like is basically raping these municipalities at $100/month per officer while the uploading and maintenance of all that video is also a main deterrent.

With so many cities out there eager to cut back on existing body camera costs, or eager to use body cams but see cost as a major wall, it seems like advertising the SAFE Network to these cities could be a low-hanging fruit.

Would go like this; get just one city to switch body cam storage to SAFE Network, advertise the benefits in storage costs to other cities and get citizens ‘in the know’ about alternatives to (e.g. SAFE Network) and suddenly you have yourself an industry-standard.
From there when the average Joe and average Corporation and average Small Biz realizes that many city police departments use SAFE Network, suddenly SAFE Network has a ridiculous amount of credibility with the average Joe that not even Bitcoin has today.
All it takes is one city government/municipality/county.

Here’s a five-month old article stating some cost examples of body cameras: For police body cameras, big costs loom in storage



You really hit the nail on the head on this one. The tricky part is getting equipment that does not have the hugely mark up storage plan built into the contract. I guess build a cam with an app already fitted for the SAFE network…well that is a 100 million SAFEcoin idea. Or sell storage to the camera manufactures I guess.

You would be helping the people being policed, helping the police, definitely helping SAFE, in turn helping everyone…I hope there is someone out their that doesn’t already have a project they are working on and sees the gold mine here.


There is a similar project in the works for the network already! This project is an app for civilians to record and upload police encounters to the SAFE network for storage and data integrity. Something like this could also be used for actual body cams for officers as well I would assume.

“The Sidekik app, which is accepting bitcoin in its crowdfunding campaign, is intended to bring real-time accountability to law enforcement by streaming video and audio of encounters with police to Maidsafe. The goal is to protect the integrity of evidence.”