Blocking in British Librarys

this is what you get if you log on at Longridge Library uk.

Your requested URL has been blocked by the URL Filter database module of McAfee Web Gateway. The URL is listed in categories that are not allowed by your administrator at this time.
URL Categories: Non-Profit/Advocacy/NGO
Reputation: High Risk
Media Type:

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I believe this URL belongs to Francis. Can you take a look at this @frabrunelle

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Those bozos will have to invent a new category (“terriblest”?) once they start categorizing sites on the SAFE network.

But considering the site you mention isn’t high risk, perhaps the complaint should be sent to McAffee instead of the site owner.

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That;s probably because there were other owners of that domain, and its already been trying things from the past and is getting blocked now.


Does work?

Still working for me.

Hi @malum_canem,

I contacted McAfee about 2 weeks ago to ask them to recategorize I queried their database just now (by going here, selecting McAfee Web Gateway v7.x/6.9.x (resident), typing and clicking Check URL) and it looks like they made the update :smiley:

Now that the Reputation is “Minimal Risk”, you should be able to access the website. If it still doesn’t work, then it might be because the Longridge Library hasn’t updated McAfee Web Gateway yet.

The reason it was previously categorized as “High Risk” is because it used to belong to a non-profit called the “Safety Awareness & Family Education Network”. was registered in 1999 and according to the original website (which can now be found here), they were in operation for 15 years.

I contacted them last February to ask what they were planning to do with the domain now that they were closing. They wanted to sell it but I couldn’t afford to buy it. My friend Mathieu (founder of the Bitcoin Embassy, where I currently live and work) bought it and agreed to let me manage it (see the latest whois record).

A few weeks ago, I made a simple landing page for and also migrated the weekly newsletter to I am planning other projects as well, which I will present soon :smile: