Bittorrent is a MAIDSAFE competitor?

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Maelstrom is a fabulous idea. The more the merrier. There’s no such thing as too many secure ways to communicate and do without servers.


@dmitry_n wrote this coursework where there’s a nice comparison between Bittorent and SAFE.

Myself I am a big supporter of these systems and not an expert in comparing the two but I have the feeling that once SAFE takes off , the competition with Maelstron or other existing services will be like a Ferrari overtaking a horse carriage :smile:


Yeah, but don’t forget that sometimes a quiet carriage ride by moonlight is just the thing. :gift_heart:


Well, that’s really interesting project, beta-version is already up-to-try, but I haven’t tried yet. What I’m sure about is that we can trust BitTorrent due to their success.
Anyway, SAFE Network is best of all :smiley:


It is great to see the progress of both project Maelstrom and Ethereum, and of MaidSafe. Sounds like 2015 might just become an incredibly interesting year. I would hope Maelstrom is an open source project, but so far I’ve not seen the code.

I would kindly state that we are all complementary projects - which is true. Silently I think MaidSafe kicks ass : we have what neither of the other have: scalable, decentralised applications. :smile:


It’s quite a relief that there are so many makes and models putting niches together so the old leveraged style bureaucrats who think nothing of soaring debt to the tune of Trillllions will find themselves at a loss to stop it. Hope this isn’t too poetic or oblique a sweep of the panorama. Maidsafe makes me feel less victimish and bolderish.


whats your opinion on bittorent now?