Bitcoin DDoS vulnerability exposed

The Bitcoin network is being hammered by a massive spam attack, and the targets now include WikiLeaks and Voat, the upstart Reddit clone that became a home for Redditors fleeing the site after new anti-harassment policies were instituted.

The onslaught began earlier this week, when thousands of tiny Bitcoin transactions—called “dust”—were sent across the network by an unknown attacker in an apparent attempt to bog down the system with junk. In an effort to clean it up, a large Chinese mining pool generated the biggest Bitcoin transaction ever made on Tuesday. But it wasn’t enough. The mayhem was so that some users reported transactions taking up to 14 hours to be confirmed. The usual timeframe is somewhere around 10 minutes.

Still, the prevailing mood among experts was that things could be worse. Apparently someone forgot to knock on wood, because today, shit got really, really real. During Tuesday’s attack, the dust transactions were sent to wallets with well-known addresses and keys, making cleanup a snap for miners. Today, dust transactions are being sent to parties like WikiLeaks and Voat.

“It is clear that there are multiple spamming motifs going on”

“Overall, quite impressive,” said UC Berkeley computer security researcher Nicholas Weaver of the current attack in an email. “But I can still think of things that could further increase the effectiveness of the attacks."


Yea I have a shapeshift MAID buy that is still unconfirmed after 8+ hours.

Fascinating this is happening at the same time the btc price is making a run upwards that hasn’t been seen in a while.

Man the world of crypto is so fascinating, its amazing how many things sometimes don’t make sense. How can btc be going up when it’s under attack

A good follow-up article offering different possible causes of the “attack”; one being a stress test to advocate an increase in the bitcoin block size.

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I thought this comment on a Zerohedge post was interesting (but he’s rooting for the wrong horse :smile:

  • It’s limited 21 million in total, 21,000,000.000000000
  • The technology to finish the entire set has yet to be invented (and
    won’t be a for a while),
  • The decimal point slides to the right which makes current lending
    practices obsolete (better make damn sure you are lending to someone
    that can pay it back)
  • The decimal point slides to right and as adoption continues it
    rewards savers against the deflationary pressures.
  • It is built to be fungible, as it is impossible to charge interest on, it is also impossible to gain interest on.IOW the horse has legs and is built to run steady for 100 years.
  • By proxy designed to move the goalpost on technology. Look at ASIC designs today versus three years ago, far superior to the AMD/Intel branches. New developments that are 99.9% more energy efficient, 2000% faster and cost fractions of pennies to manufacture in an open source model versus the old CPU’s on the market.
  • The organic growth pattern over 7 years on it’s deployment, it will be the only functional international currency in 7 years.

With the improvements in CPU ASIC designs that are freely available it will completely renovate everything in term of governance, governments, and how economies actually work. All fully transparent.

Now where it get interesting is when the clodhoppers running economies today understand they can back their PM’s into a crypto to assign a market value then and only then will anyone see the value of their PM’s. Additional if looking at a commodities based international trade system then it would be advisable for commodity producers to produce their own crypto currency to trade their commodity as a crypto currency to formulate a trade token.

e.g. Bananas. Brazil and Jamacia produce lots of Banana’s for the world market. The Banana cartel renders ‘banana coins’ using the open source of the BTC base to match their production of Banana’s to the crypto being produced and the exchange rate pair is tied back to BTC to accomodate a fair trade market practice as the “BananaCoin” is exchanged directly to the value of BTC. In programming it’s called weighing a metric in an array.

And anyone else that produces Banana’s can join the existing network of ‘BananaCoin’ to sell their commodity. Or whatever commodity is there. Lumber, silver (LiteCoin), gold (BTC), Platnium (DRKCoin last I heard), oil, widgets, whatever. As long as the amount of coin matches the supply of whatever, which can be programmed easily. The thing is the fiat doesn’t availability or supply, but a crypto coin can provide supply, trade/swap value against other commodities based on a metric without the horse shit of people getting in the way. Eventually a nice steady economy based on trade NEED, rather than the warehousing horseshit that only produces loss and has killed more industries that can be counted.

This is how an entire planet gets migrated to a single currency, that isn’t a currency, it’s an anchor to facilitate commodities in trade instead of the usual middle men arbitrage that has put everyone on the planet in the hole. It’s the start of the equivalent of sharing fairly.

Once BTC is in place, it is recommended that most commodity producing nations look at their various sectors and make a coin. LobsterCoin, LumberCoin, EducationCoin, ProgrammerCoin, etc. Doesn’t matter. BTC is a single horse that can pull them all and help manage the true value of trade/swap of the commodity in a completely transparent manner and level the playing field with nice agnostic math.

Pretty sure most countries have math departments, business groups and computer science groups to figure out how to implement their own crypto coin against a commodity against the BTC to cross trade a commodity for a commodity using BTC as the pinon.