Beta Rewards Network Launch Wed 12GMT — Here's what you need to do!

Many of us observed higher CPU way before uploads started, that seems odd to me shouldn’t it have been lower considering less base traffic?

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I’m seeing similar base traffic (for sure not lower) and somewhere around +20%(upwards) cpu usage at least

Observed from before uploads started - strangely since uploads are running it settled a bit… So maybe the largest increase in cpu usage is when the network is changing/growing …


Honestly not tracking that closely, I say less because I think that was mentioned as one of the improvements that went in?

I could be completely wrong, wish there was a new release statement with expected improvements.

Would make feedback and testing far less messy.


@chriso mentioned that a handwritten notice of changes was coming for launchpad so hopefully it’s not only launchpad.

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My CPU has been pretty stable since I finally seem to have got my node numbers right yesterday.

Less nodes per host for sure but I am not noticing much creep, yet.

I am going to leave a message for Shu about this and see what he thinks.

Edit: see his response below.

I will see if I can find out for you.

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The tests are being ramped up, however, some of the tests were done between the prior live version and the current version that is live on a constant network size at the moment (steady state), and not a continuing growing network size over finite time frame on the release candidate. This aspect will also get looked into with due time.

Likely, it seems to be maintaining a steady CPU % on our own droplets at the moment (slightly lower than the prior avg peak) with a larger network size (steady state for past few hours), compared to a growing network size from T0 which had overall lower network size.

Good to hear.

There are other areas that are still being looked into in regards to potentially lowering CPU.

Note: This is my personal opinion, but one cannot expect software to continuously decrease on CPU with every release cycle (while its good to strive for it), and be at the same parity or lower with an upcoming release candidate, there will be times when additional essential features are added and required, and that would end up adding extra CPU cycles to the overall workflow. That said, any significant jump in average CPU % delta should be explained and vetted out whether its an expected rise or not based on the delta code changes and workflow behavior change.


Yeah, the Changelog will include everything going into each release. Like I say, it will be manually curated, not machine generated, so we will get input from each developer on what features and fixes they have been working on, across all the binaries.

Even as a developer I find it hard to keep track of what’s in each version, so maintaining the changelog is something I feel very strongly about.


My nodes are working but I am still not getting any earnings, before I was on the list because I earned 10 nano once, in total I have been on the list since the beginning of wave 1. Can you explain why I have completely disappeared from the weekly leaderboards?

Sorry, I don’t have an exact answer for your particular case. I do know there may be some kind of issue with the home networking setup that is affecting the earnings, and that we might be addressing this with something that Benno is working on.

I understand that I have to wait until I appear on the list again? :grin:

No Safe, no wave.

Are uploads still slowly trickling in? Is this part of the plan? My home network nodes are seeing more errors than gets still.

Will there also be a more accurate way of monitoring nodes in the future?

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate Vdash; but I think there could be an easier way for none tech people, the people I’m asking to join the beta, to view node stats, without having to install rust. Cheers

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Uploads appear slow and rewards sparse because there are a lot of nodes.

Don’t worry about errors, they have never meant much. Key things to watch are RAM, peers and records, and then store cost and finally :pray: earnings!

I agree on vdash though someone who has built for Windows could just share the binary. If I had more time I’d set this up but am still full throttle on awe.


Thanks, Vdash is very appreciated, I thank you for your diehard dedication to this project.


I have confirmed uploads are indeed deliberately slow at this time. Until the nodes not earning issue has been resolved it will remain that way it seems

@happybeing you might be interested to know as well


Just to let you know, I’ve found out that this issue is still outstanding, but it is currently a P1 item on our board, so I would expect for it to be worked on fairly soon. I could not guarantee that a fix would be in the next release, but it could be possible.