Behavioral Biometric with SAFE

@dirvine Is there any impediment to implement FIDO U2F in SafeNet?

[Quote]“The technical working group of the U2F have a proposal on the table, so far it hasn’t been any major objections, in essence now that the browser can talk to the authenticator, one of the key pieces that the authenticator device needs to be implemented is what we call test of user presence.
So it is not good enough to leave your token in there, so if you are going to authenticate to the service, the service will provide a challenge and the authenticator will need to do something.
From my perspective the authenticator is blinking, and you have to touch it so there is an intent and to show to the browser that you are present. There is a challenge-response that is critical in this ecosystem” [/quote]

This would solve the problem of the “proof of unique human”, wouldn’t it?