Back to Bridging Networks: How does the network set the cost of PUT requests?

Another title could be, how does the network get reliable large-scale data from an obscured network?

The reason I ask goes back to the issue of building bridges between separate instances of the Safe network.

Because if there is a way to evaluate the “strength” of the Safe network, then shouldn’t there be a way to evaluate the “strength” of the isolated network?

I mean one of the truly amazing things about the Argentine ant colony, is that when you bring together its descendants, they act as one colony right?


All Puts are treated equally though. So large scale data or a persons own data is equal to us, there is no weighting or discounted aspects. Interesting though for sure. I see things like wikipedia / wikileaks just hosting their data on SAFE as free public data. I think that getting semantically searchable input would be great though and also fix that issue. We will see though its not planned for launch.

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