[Article] Why the Internet could be the next “failed state”

Arstechnica - Cybergeddon: Why the Internet could be the next “failed state”.

In the long run, the security and safety of the Internet is going to only be solved by technology, not laws. And that’s probably going to require a rip-and-replace of certain elements of corporate and public networks to make happen. But unless there’s some sudden transformational moment, there will always be a long tail of vulnerable devices and systems connected to a network that attackers can exploit in some way.

The SAFE network \could be the “transformational moment” mentioned. We’re hoping.

They’re right, though. There will certainly be a long tail of vulnerable devices that will last for a while, but the length of the tail and degree of vulnerability depends largely on how well SAFE works and how many resources are poured into development once the basic platform is built out.

EDIT: Just read the article more carefully. The interesting thing about all the scenarios listed (and implied by the title) is that it’s all within context of “states”. The thing that has driven the internet forward and what the SAFE network will put an exclamation point behind is the growing irrelevance of those states. The powers that be are trying to make the internet the next state, so to that degree I think it will indeed be a failed state. But that’s not a bad thing in the long run.

What we and many others are trying for is a permanent empowerment of individuals, whereas those who would rule seek to establishment an ultimate cyberstate.


People have been trained to think the state is at the centre of society. Indeed, the two are often interchanged, particularly by MPs. In that context, it is easy to see why people would take the perspective you observed.

Minds are changing though, especially the ones which are still young and supple enough to take input.

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Arstechnica is a totally sponsored mag its joined at the hip with firms like Sony that have been hit and arent innocents, stuff like this article shows that, I think part of what gets them hit is their manipulative PR. The mag is a pos and here its again begging for SOPACISPPIPATPP, law in the dark type bs.

It’s an interesting read, not only to reinforce my paranoia while online, but also in my thinking, we’re comparing apples to oranges.

The SAFE network will fundamentally change the way people think about online life. Comparing the state of the internet to MaidSAFE is like saying an orange will exist inside an apple.

What you trying to say?..lol.
Have you heard this Happybeing, let’s get him…

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Not sure about the Sony connection, but they have the same ownership as Wired and Reddit