App Database Aggrigator

From what I understand of the maidsafe network it largely runs on apps not websites. Social network app, messenger app, mail app, whatever app. Would it then not follow to have a application management database and aggrigation application developed? Something like Ubuntu or Mint’s Software Center or the Softlicious software center or Androids app center or iOS app centers. Something along those lines, something people can search, and look through, devs can upload new apps to, and people can download apps from. A SAFEApp repository of sorts.

Yes, IIRC this was discussed a while back. As the apps would run locally, such a distributor would need to ensure app security too.

Perhaps the Linux model is one to take inspiration from? That is, distributions package a common selection of apps into a single release. Users can then add trusted 3rd parties to their list too (like the PPA in Ubuntu).

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Yes, it would be good for someone to pull those discussions together and the ideas for how to reward developers - to get a coherent picture of how this would look and what it would do from the perspectives of “network” (authority / trust) and “users” and “app builders” and attackers (malware) etc.

Nix might be an interesting project to look at for inspiration on a SAFE based app repository.
Its functional design would work well with Maidsafe’s immutable data structures.