Another blockchain secure project (Orchid)

Just came across Orchid coin. Apparantly it only takes 6 months to secure the current internet. Orchid Labs Introduces the Orchid™ Protocol and Tokens to Create an Internet Free from Surveillance and Censorship | Business Wire

Just found this project. Don’t know if and how it can be related to Safenetwork.
Well, the name is not so promising :smile:
Curios bout your opinion
EDIT: Just found another one → Orchid

Hello everyone,

I’ve just read an article about a company called Orchid Labs. It seems that they are building a solution really closed to what Safenetwork is doing.

It could be just an other competitors on this market but what worries me is that : 1) they raised and are still raising a huge amount of money, 2) the team seems pretty good, 3) they are physically located in a favorable area in term of business and IT tech.

So first, have you ever heard about them? And what are the main differences with Safenetwork?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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The Orchid Labs coin OXT is on Coinbase as of recently. It’s a tokenized TOR. When using TOR there are things you can inadvertently do that can expose your IP address. That won’t happen with Safenet because it is a whole different approach. There are a lot of other differences that I am conceptually aware of but if I tried to detail them I don’t feel I would be exact enough.

A comment I read on a different topic applies, “Way better than TOR.”