Angry that iPhone forces me to commemorate the Battle of the Boyne

The iPhone calendar has a built-in reminder of the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. I don’t think it’s possible to delete this from my calendar. As anyone from Ireland or Scotland will be aware, this date is a highlight in the sectarian Orange calendar. Although brought up a Protestant, I hate sectarianism and have no wish to foster anti-Catholic or, for that matter, anti-Protestant sentiments. If people want to remember this battle, that’s fine for them, but I don’t want to be forced to commemorate a distant sectarian military conquest.

This issue has been discussed widely on social media, but Apple appears to take no notice. It is not my only gripe with Apple - I have found that the reliability of some of their modern products is not as good as earlier models.

But as someone who is not very techincally competent, my only alternative is to start using a PC, which isn’t easy for me, as I’ve been a Mac user for years.

I was very disappointed that the Indy phone was shelved. Is there any competent alternative to Apple Mac/iPhone? I would love to think that the SAFE network might open a whole new free market for computer products where developers can create fantastic new products for people to consume without government meddling and where the public can pick and choose what they want from a wide range of manufacturers, without being commercially dictated to. Is this just a fantasy?

This issue has plagued users from ages 16 to 90 :cry:

So much so I’m thinking of buying one of these…timmy-e128

Seriously though, yet another reason why Im glad I’m not a Mac fan-boi…


Have you tried using Linux? I know there are several Apple like flavors of Linux you could try as well as several apps and mods to make them even more Apple like.

You’re in Ireland right? That’s in the EU and therefore you’d be able to pick yourself up a Ubuntu phone as they’re selling in the EU.


Thanks for the info Blindsite2k. I’m going to have to educate myself about Linux - I know what it is but not how to use it. I will also look into the Ubuntu phone. I’m in Scotland in fact, so I should be able to get it.

Why not just get an Android phone? Its basically Linux.
And I wasn’t totally joking about the TIMMY phone either - just ordered one for my wife who is fed up of the hassle involved in trying to change a battery on an Iphone.

The difference being Android is a software jail and Ubuntu is free software. Granted you could unlock an android phone but then that would likely void any warrenties you have and you can’t just use your droid as a desktop by just connecting a screen and keyboard the way you could a Ubuntu phone. Android is Linux the same way a Chihuahua is related to a Wolf. Granted I’d prefer the mutant chic over Windoze or iJail but it still isn’t true FOSS Linux.

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True - a very Stallmanesque attitude if you don’t mind me saying so.
At £70 for a Timmy phone - how much is your warranty really worth anyway?
If you are in the Glasgow area Im sure I can put together an old PC with a nice light [K|L]Ubuntu or Mint distro on it for beer money*

*I drink only the finest imported German lagers

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Well that that price sure but if you’re getting something more expensive like a tablet then it does come into play. It’s all relative.

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If your auntie had balls, she’d be your uncle :wink:

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Actually she would make my uncle very upset :wink:


That’s a tempting offer Southside, I might go for that once my old MacBook gives up. Meanwhile I’ve signed up for email alerts about the Ubuntu tablet when it’s ready and I might get the Ubuntu phone. The Timmy phone is sold out - maybe a reaction to the Battle of the Boyne calendar.

I’m sick of Apple’s wily ways. It’s trying to get me to sign up for the latest version of iCloud, but that would mean I’d lose access to all my data on the old version of iCloud on my MacBook, which is too old to take Yosemite OS, so I’d have to buy a new computer.

Heres one on Ebay

Wish I’d seen this the other day, I bought at £70…

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