"An individual right to an API key"

This is an interesting concept that would certainly help curb the excesses of dominant p2p marketplace owners (such as Uber, eBay etc) in the old web.

I’m not sure it has relevance to SAFE apps, but something to think about. Is it already provided for? If not, is it needed?


Yes we are completely in line with this. The open API for us means zero restrictions apart from requiring safecoin for some parts (like writes). Each person will have complete access to the API and the app dev should be making this easily available to them. Its a valid and important point I think.


Interesting in the sense of eliminating the non-useful type of middlemen, but …

There is a simple and universal regulatory change that would dramatically shift the bargaining power: an individual right to an API Key. By this I mean a key that would give an enduser full read/write access to the system including every action or screen the enduser can take or see on the web site or application. Alternatively one could think of this as an individual right to be represented by an algorithm.

This by definition cannot possibly work.

While this can.

It amazes me how that blogger expects that someone might want to run all those servers and “internets” for free.

Well it would certainly eliminate a lot of common bs business models. Society needs to learn never to give business the benefit of the doubt- its a mentality that doesnt work.

A future where ProjectSAFE runs competely on up to par end user hardware without the spam toll road system is require. Its vital that cable/telco never get their roi, just like its vital that the us base in Iraq and Gitmo be closed. Its like a more sensible version on the policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

You realize that safe still runs on telco and cable wires. They need to be updated and maintained. If they go away (we’re not ready [hardware isn’t developed and deployed yet] for mesh yet) we lose safe. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves yet. In order for there companies to still provide the services we currently rely on, they need an roi.

@wes Their current ROI is apt to take more than a decade to recoup, but what is the point of SAFE is we don’t get off their system. Its hard to do things simultaneously but we need to be chomping at the bit to fully cut the cord. And what SAFE and tech like it does should not be supporting the revenue of these businesses. From the start it should be undermining it, just as green energy at the very least should be a tourniquet around the neck of expanding oil power. When these businesses cannot expand revenue they die. That killing containment is a floor not a ceiling.

This right to an individual API key is the most awesome thing and so wonderful that MaidSAFE is down with this line of reasoning. It really feels like a game changer idea.