Alternative to coins as startup capital?

For MaidSAFE and firms like it I wish there were large investment killing funding entities out there to help keep new firms private over the initial long term. I’d expect that such entities would use crypto coins to help fund the firms through their growth cycle, but lets keep the firms closely privately held for a long time after their launch to help achieve solid maturity- lets keep them closely privately held permanently if at all possible. Speculation over coins seems likely to never be a good basis for launching serious firms and technologies initially.

Use what ever birth story you like. It could be a global crowd source that starts it or some billionaires bequeath their wealth to it or a combination. Regardless, the funding entity starts up. It will forever remain private. It has very strict by laws. It sees a firm like SAFE. It hands them the capital they will need to realize their vision and launch. In the first then years a organization like SAFE would pay back that capital. In the next 10 years 50% more. There would be no strings other than the requirement that organization stay closely privately held and it not bring in any kind of investment parasite. This funding entity would always invest all its money save for minimal operating expenses in other organizations trying to start up with the same terms.

This helps eliminate banking and investment. I have no problem with the dole for indigent people and see it as the opposite of theft, but I think for-profit banking and investment are forever broken and unsustainable. We need a way for groups like SAFE to realize visions un-compromised without back seat drivers constantly injecting noise over their non contributing power and money concerns. Not always but too often they would offer no insight or expertise but feel quite entitled to want to skew every decision and think the return on their uselessness is the most important thing, or think that their fungible contribution is the essential element. Always loss leaders like Tesla are held up as the example, but the Tesla’s are way too few and far between.

So again, it exists only to free creative people from speculators and backseat drivers and to keep any power money can offer with the people who can actually make a difference and want to make a difference. Its a noise blocker. Its also serves to impoverish parasites and models that are proven to wreck societies. In practices it would also be a way of highlighting the non contribution of speculators and liquidators. We don’t need people making money off buying processes alone (business buying) or private professional buyers and angel investor myths. That has to end because that money for the sake of money for the sake of money behavior elevates the value of capital relative to ordinary people and destroys their lives.