[accused of EXIT SCAM] Altilly Crypto Exchange - list MAID

I haven’t followed the conversation, but this struck my eye. Are you saying there are contracts or coins that, if I start handling them through my wallet, software or hardware, could expose my other private keys? I find that hard to believe.

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Yes, ppl have had wallets drained, as certain contracts are / can be purposely designed to be able to control the whole wallet.


That really gave me the willies. I’ve never played around with “smart contracts”. What was that better term that @mav mentioned some time ago? I don’t really understand what they are, to be honest.

EDIT: I just took a nap, and when I woke, the term I was looking for had come to me - “Verification logic”.

I did a quick Google search, and it seems they can actually be executable programs. Of course you shouldn’t give a program access to your data, just like you shouldn’t give access to another person.

Being tricked into explicitly revealing your seed or private keys is one thing. Never trust anybody or anything. I get that. And don’t install executables you don’t trust on your machine. That includes OS’s like Windows. But I guess I thought wallets were just used to help you handle keys, i.e. character strings, not executables. I’m confused. Maybe this needs its own thread.

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I don’t know anything about this, so obviously I should add my 2 cents :joy: … That sounds like a fault in wallet design or worse? Crypto is a scary minefield indeed :boom:


I think the codes were initially designed to do things like allow trading and other specific jobs, and we’re openly expressed as to what they were doing, but ppl took the code and and used it without being open about it.

Your basically allowing things to happen in the wallet but controlled by the contract, fine if a trusted group are doing it, unless of course they get compromised.

If you use a standalone mm wallet that has no other coins you’d be fine I’d assume, but I don’t use eth or mm.

Common sense and security are your friend here.
Smart contracts certainly need you to pay attention, and really an audit by a trustworthy group.

Yes, look here:

And use this to revoke any access to your wallet you don’t need: https://revoke.cash/

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Hi there,

I’m sure you guys know who I am.

I was googling “Altilly” to see what’s going on and I’ve found this thread.
I would like to mention that the ALT2020 tokens are not based on ERC20.

It’s a token that we’ve created on the Qredit Blockchain. These tokens can stay in your wallet or on the exchange.
You don’t have to enter a private key, you are not going to use metamask for this, you are not going to download or install any software that can compromise your wallet or whatsoever. Just want to get that out of that way.

This is the reason why we are using our own blockchain, to avoid people coming up with the claims that we are going to drain their metamask wallet.

I see that this thread is quite active. I will bookmark it and check it once in a while.

Best regards,



I have no idea who you are.


Me neither??? Should we know who he is???

Oh okay, thought people would know by now. Especially if you do a quick search on my name in this thread.

I’m the former CEO of Altilly.


I know who he is :slight_smile:

But then he owes me money :slight_smile:

His pal Chuck keeps emailing me asking for original emails an transaction IDs for deposits of various tokens.

Something certainly seems to be getting done to sort this out.
When my missing funds are (0.353 ETH) returned I will be happier. However I promise not to act like a reproductively-challenged black and white mammal with insatiable greed for bamboo shoots and other peoples money and insist he refunds me at todays value of ETH.


Thought he was called that because he needs two black eyes.


Naughty naughty, what a nasty thing to say out loud. Just cos the rest of us were thinking that too…

NOT you we are talking about @Nayiem_Willems , please don’t get upset.

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Received today

I actually did not deposit MAID, I put in two lots of ETH and did a little trading on the ETH/MAID pair. At the time it went bust I held almost all ETH.


Alt2020 coins? What a joke! I was a victim of this criminal and hope one day when legislation gets more sophisticated they will be able to prosecute this scum by investigating this obvious scam. Continue to post on this scam so Nayiem Willems cannot run from Google algo’s and every time someone searches Altilly and Crypto scams, this guy becomes the poster child


@Nayiem_Willems almost a year has passed, when will we get our money?


Iam writing report to this https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ Because now Nayiem and his friend Charles Naughton have new project solar.org He dont answer me in pm and dont wanna refund my money back! You can all write complaints about him and then maybe our investments will be returned to us!