A jingle for ProjectSAFE and/or SAFEcoin?

Intel has a jingle. Why not SAFEcoin and ProjectSAFE?

That would be really cool, especially when you receive Safecoin.


Brings up an interesting point though, how does a vault interact with the various subsystems of a computer i.e how do video, sound, printing etc make it from the network into the real world.

Is there a sub system diagram anywhere?

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It would be a client side effect after a system event, easily could be a get_data(XXX) command though which then played a tune. All we need do is add in the code and the XXX (hash we want). If we tell app devs this is an app jingle then, job done :wink:


:astonished: …so that’s code by the sounds…I guess I’m thinking in terms of say an vault.exe with processes and threads, interacting with physical subsystems etc …where are the interface points

Its easier to step back, the vault is a process, it can interact with the subsystem as it pleases, so we can grab content for the music player and play it if we want. The issue will be the usual, to me if this is limited and default on in the client then it may be workable, as long as it does not get repetitive and annoying then it may be a nice thing. t least as a nice thing to get folks introduced then great, maybe even in an intro / tour screen it would work as a decent intor. If then it was followed up with some advertising etc. it could help get the message out, even though we all (in general) do not want to brainwash people, a recognisable jingle would be very cool, I think as intro to videos lectures etc it would work. It may be ealry, but if we only knew a good musician :wink:


That would be you…it’s only right that the inventor gets to write the jingle :slight_smile:

Yea it would be wild thing in all sorts of keys :wink:


I wouldn’t have it any other way

let’s keep it opensource. you should be able to use any sound as a jingle.
Are you trying to brand this? will you follow the people using your jingle :smiley:


A variety of “selectable” tunes from a public list would be most flexible. And people could add to the list, so others can change it when the mood strikes. We should have a default MaidSafe jingle aswell.

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