3d printed guns

So, I’ve been reading about the controversy in the US about the blueprints for 3d printed guns being made available on the internet.

I assume that with the safe network, there would be no way to stop content like this being stored permanently and made available to everyone.

Has this maid (sic) us safer? Is this something we have to accept if we want an autonomous censorship resistant network?

Its not MAID that will be at fault here. People already can put content up on the web, torrents, news groups, etc already that is otherwise illegal to publish.

What stopped the publishing of this was that the company was stopped by the courts. Nothing to do with the web or controls of the web that stopped it. If it was to be published by some anon person without prior announcement then it would have been published and copied to many other domains and news groups and torrents. So SAFE maids no difference in that respect.

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The court case hasn’t stopped this information being out there.

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No but the company that wanted to publish the file was stopped from doing so. It was a design they developed, so that design is not out there (yet). And that is the case prompted the OP.

The point of course, which I gather you realised, was that safe network is not going to make much difference to whether this type of information is out there or not. This is not a problem generated by the safe network but the people in the world, and the current internet allows those people the ability to publish the info now in a way that will be out there.

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Freedom carries with it responsibility
Censorship either explicit or implied is undesirable
If you wish to be concerned about something I’d suggest focusing attention upon the magnitude of death and human suffering covertly created by several centuries of centralized banking and fiat currency

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